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The experienced and experimental brains here develop novel learning solutions that don’t preach, but trigger practice. This is evident from our offerings in eLearning, m-learning, interactive, and tech-based solutions that cater to varied training purposes and a diverse learner base.

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Discerning the Right Approach

Instructor-led training, eLearning, mobility, gamification, social learning… the options today are endless. But which one do you choose? Selecting the right approach is key to achieving a successful outcome. Newgen Enterprise arrives at this approach through extensive analysis of your needs, audience, and content, while devising evaluation techniques in parallel.

Thus, we help you decide the direction of your learning operation. Our industry veterans, with their two decades of experience, identify your problem areas and devise foolproof instructional strategies that adhere to the learning objectives as well as your business goals.


Tailoring Solutions for Your Needs

Newgen Enterprise specializes in customizing eLearning to suit your requirements in terms of design approach, visualization, content development, and writing style. We develop highly customized, scalable and responsive solutions based on our strong instructional design practices and robust technology framework. Our multi-skilled designers use the latest technology to create immersive and effective eLearning courses. We can make learning accessible from traditional desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

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Learning through Interacting

eLearning modules are not the only mode of interactive learning that we develop.
Newgen Enterprise induces interactivity and higher engagement into a range of learning products from PDFs to videos.

Interactive PDFs

Our iPDFs are not only an innovative substitute for the typical job aid, but also a simple and fresh approach to content that may not lend itself to or need traditional eLearning. Power-packed with interactions that keep the learners engaged, the iPDFs include visual infographics that convey key points effectively, and act as ready reckoners that can be referred to at the point of need. To top it all, they can be accessed through any device your learners prefer!

Interactive Videos

Videos are powerful educational tools that have tremendous entertainment value. They can enhance the grasping and retention of information manifold by engaging multiple senses at the same time. We combine this powerful learning medium with benefits of interactive learning by creating interactive videos. Time and again, interactive videos have proven to be a cost-effective solution that convey knowledge while keeping the learners engaged through multiple activities and quizzes popping up throughout.


For a Better Tomorrow

Gone are the days of restricting classroom education to chalk and blackboard! The children of this century learn though visual and experiential learning. Digital lessons, online worksheets, content-focused interactivities, learning through tablets and iPads are the new-age learning tools. We partner with you to embrace this digital revolution in K12 and higher education, and help millennials walk their path to academic success.


Cutting Edge Tools and Automation

Newgen Enterprise can assist you with the development of software applications that can be hosted inside your IT premises or on a cloud-based network for resource sharing and optimization. We have vast experience in all leading technologies including Microsoft SharePoint, .Net, SQL Server over Physical Servers, and Hyper Virtualization and Azure-based cloud computing.

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