E-learning Trends 2017

By March 27, 2017E-learning

In recent times, we have witnessed an amazing variety of innovative learning solutions that effectively addresses the evolving learner needs, advancement in technology, and the overall urge to make learning more impactful. What learning solutions do you think will dominate the e-learning space this year? Which trends will successfully catch learners’ attention? Find answers to these questions and more in this list of six key trends to watch out for this year!

  1. App-based Learning:
  2. Learning apps are emerging as a preferred mode for workforce training given the fact that they support offline viewing of content and can be accessed on the go. With the growing urge of using mobile devices at corporate places and the need of learning anywhere anytime, learning apps are gaining a lot of traction.

  3. Micro Learning:
  4. It is also referred as bite- sized learning. The increasing need for just-in-time learning and due to dwindling attention spans Micro learning is gaining popularity. Smaller chunks and more focused approach help the learners to yield the takeaways effectively. 60% of the companies are willing to consider microlearning for effective employee training and development.

  5. Learning Videos:
  6. 2017 is the year of videos and interactive videos. According to a CISCO report, by 2019, 80% of the global internet traffic will be video. While videos engage learners effectively, interactivity adds a lot more value to the learning. Forrester Research states, employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than read documents, emails or web articles.

  7. Mobile Learning:
  8. Mobile learning continues to create the buzz within the Learning and Development teams. Immediate availability of knowledge in the moment is the biggest cutting edge factor of m-learning. According to a Toward Maturity research 70% of employees use smartphones and 52% use tablets for learning. By 2020, mobile learning is estimated to be a $70 billion global industry.

  9. Gamification:
  10. A major part of training industry will be driven by gamification. Gamification makes learning engaging and motivating, it gives the learners a realistic experience. It is predicted to grow $11.10 billion by 2020, at a CAGR of 46.3%. According to a research conducted by PewResearch, 53% of respondents believe that Gamification will gain ground between now and 2020.

  11. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality:
  12. VR and AR is the next big thing in learning. Recent research states that 95% of respondents think VR as being useful for enhancing training. VR and AR offer an immersive learning experience and a collaborative platform for learners and teachers. AR/VR could hit $150 billion revenue by 2020, with AR taking the maximum share of around $120 billion and VR at $30 billion.

The above list of eLearning trends is based on the research statistics and our years of experience in the industry. I hope these pointers will help you in gauging the industry trends and select the right leaning solution that suits your training needs.