How Gamification Makes Onboarding Trainings Engaging

By October 17, 2018Gamification

Onboarding a new hire typically involves reading a whole lot of documentation and may be watching few organization and work-related videos. This makes the onboarding days tedious for the new hire. Therefore, it is essential to find ways to make onboarding interesting. In this article, we will see how gamification can bring in the desired change.

Day one at the workplace is mostly filled with Anxiety, Confusion, and Excitement! Somewhat mixed feelings. Right? We all experience this since we are excited about our new role and eagerly waiting to explore our work in the new place. This is the day we will never forget whether it’s been a long boring day or a day filled with excitement. We somehow end up making our own impression of our new organization. This is quite interesting! Isn’t it? The onboarding program that we go through highly impacts our first impressions about the organization. Typically, new hires are given a lot of policy documents and other necessary documentation that they need to go through. Also, there could be some information in the form of videos or a few online courses. This may lead to making the day quite dull for the new hires. Thus organizations need to rethink their onboarding strategy. More and more organizations are therefore looking out for ways to make the onboarding program engaging right from day one.

One of the ways that organizations are trying to make onboarding engaging is by implementing gamification. When gamification is applied to onboarding program, it creates a significant impact on the engagement level. The new hires not only enjoy the training program, but they also have a wonderful learning experience. The new hires develop a bond with the organization. It’s at this moment that the first positive impression is also formed in their mind which results in better employee retention.

The wonders of gamification are obvious. How can organizations implement this for the onboarding training? The gamification strategy is supported by several game elements that make onboarding interesting as well as motivating for the new hires. It creates a competitive environment where they learn about the organization culture, its vision, mission, policies, services and their work. A gamified way of induction helps the new hire to learn at their own pace. This gets them ready for their new job and ensures productivity at the workplace at the earliest, creating a seamless integration with the organization’s goals.

Let’s see how gamification makes onboarding more immersive

  1. Adds fun: Game elements such as reward points, badges, leaderboards make the learning process interesting. Setting a goal and a set of challenges to achieve this goal keeps the engagement level going on until the goal is achieved. Further, receiving credit for this satisfies and motivates the new hires. The reward system makes the entire learning process enjoyable.
  2. Makes tasks engaging: Gamification ensures high engagement level while performing a task. It even makes the boring content interesting and helps in better retention of it. Especially, content pertaining to policies. Also, gamifying work-related tasks helps to develop the skills of the new hire thereby increasing their productivity levels. This not only makes the learning process interesting, but it also encourages them by giving a sense of achievement.
  3. Gives timely feedback: Providing feedback at regular intervals expediates the learning process. It further provides opportunities to improve performance. Gamified assessment, quiz activities, interim knowledge checks help the new hires to understand how well they are progressing in developing their work-related skills and the areas they need to focus on to enhance these skills.
  4. Adds some challenge: Creating a competitive environment for the new hires will add to their engagement level, and the competitive spirit will help them learn faster. It is essential to make these learning opportunities simple, achievable yet challenging thereby increasing the difficulty level gradually. This will optimize the learning process and give a sense of accomplishment to the new hires.

Besides this, gamifiying the onboarding training will help organizations link their vision with the new hires’ goals creating a win-win situation for both.


Applying gamification to the onboarding training definitely helps to make the onboarding process engaging and interesting along with imparting the required knowledge to the new hires. Also, it helps to create a first good impression which further aids as a medium to create a workforce that will want to be with the organization for years to come.